Thursday, February 05, 2009
The white land...

Some pictures are meant to be published, others meant to be kept, locked in our hearts.
Beautiful creatures, green apples, lousy people, cozy mirrors, when everything run over schedule, just like cats and dogs, underneath the sofa, beneath the afterglow, a perfect morning.
The ocean causes silent, over the distance, the good and the bad are divided.
I am searching, feeling, mourning, and loving.
Curiosity made me happy, a world without a name, please take me there.
What appears to me as a blurred-bloody dream, confronts what this world defines human behavior.
I can scream, I can laugh, I can catch my breath and talk out loud, smelling your sensitivity, feeling the touch of your hand over my centurial number of necessity, covering my indignity with an angelical smile, expecting the future to be unknown, wanting to live in red, being as close as a tenth floor can take me to the sky, following your voice in the dark, believing every story untold, comparing your lips with my anxiety, having four reasons to be there and keeping them to myself.
Some pictures are already locked, even though they haven’t been taken yet…
I almost can feel the white land…
take me to Emphatica.

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